Learn to make money online

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So, do you want to learn how to make money online?

Here are the main steps on how to make money online:

Step1: Have something that you can offer in return for money. Have a  product/service/opportunity to offer, that people will pay you for, in order to avail.

Step2: Have a website where you can show your offer and build a name for you. A website does not just mean, it is something that you have to own. As long as you have a platform that gives you an opportunity to showcase your offers (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, blog, online store, T.E. accounts, etc.). Building a name for you means building your brand, reputation or your own name.

Step3: Advertise your website and/or offers online so people will see it and know about it. Market your website or offers online, do info drive for it. You can actually do info drive and advertise offline as well, like send out flyers about your business, as an example.

These are the three main steps on how to make money online. Each of the steps then has more details in it, that will take training, time and mastery, in order to become successful in achieving each of the steps.

Important Note: Making money online is actually an ONLINE BUSINESS. It is having your own business online. So in order for you to succeed in making money online, you have to treat it as a BUSINESS.

Important Questions:

  • So where do you get or how do you come up with a product/service/opportunity, to offer to people in order to make money online?
  • Where do you get more training and education in order to master each step, and achieve total real, success in creating wealth online?   

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